Veterinary Compounding

Does Abby hate taking medication?
Do you have trouble giving Allie pills?
Does Sparky need special medication?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then compounded medications might be the answer. Our Veterinary Compounding Division staff are experts at compounding, the process of customizing medications into easy-to-administer forms and flavors. Dalcoma Specialty Pharmacy is a independently owned veterinary compounding pharmacy in Sterling Heights, MI. Dalcoma Pharmacy is focused on your pets health needs.

One of the things we our most proud of at Dalcoma Specialty Pharmacy is our ability and passion for treating the entire family. Yes, that’s right! We treat all members of the household including adults, children, and all animals. From your furry cat to dog family members, all the way to your avian and reptile friends. We do it all! We work with veterinarians throughout Michigan and Virginia to help provide your animals with the correct dosage and form that best suits your animal.

We provide custom flavoring tailored to each animal species to ensure a stress-free safe medication delivery for both you and your pet. Often people think they need to go to a large mail order or internet company to treat their pet. However, often these companies can take weeks to send out your animals’ prescription even when its an emergency medication.

Here at Dalcoma we provide faster ordering and delivery times at competitive prices. When compared to the big box retailers and online companies we are often less expensive and faster at getting the medication to your pet in need. Avoid your pet becoming just another number, and shop local by allowing us to provide you hometown family services at a competitive price.

Our compounding allows us to supply the medication in multiple forms.

  • Turn select oral medications into a trans-dermal treatment that can be rubbed onto the skin of your pet's ear for easier administration.
  • Add flavors to make medications more appealing
  • Turn pills into flavored solutions or suspensions
  • Customize the strength and form of medication just for your pet

Having trouble obtaining drugs that are no longer commercially produced or on a shortage/backorder? Contact Dalcoma Pharmacy today we may be able to assist you in compounding discontinued and unavailable drugs, per your pets needs!

Ask your veterinarian if compounding is right for your pet's medication needs.

We stock many common ingredients that may not be listed
Please contact us for more information.