Customized Medication Packaging

Dalcoma Specialty Pharmacy's goal is to provide the most advanced and convenient ways of administering and delivering medications to patients requiring long-term care. This includes patients residing in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, AFC and Group Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, and Senior/Independent Living Facilities.

Blister Packaging AKA Bubble Packages

Blister packs, also known as bingo cards or bubble packs, are the most commonly used medication packaging in long-term care facilities. Each blister offers one dose of a medication and each card comes in a 30 or 60 count card depending on dosage frequency.

This medication packaging type helps staff keep track of which medication has been dispensed to the resident Cards are divided into Morning, Noon, Evening, and Bedtime. Each pack is clearly labeled and easy to understand, so you never have to worry about missing doses or mixing up daily pills. Dalcoma Pharmacies bubble packaging system is also tamper proof and spill proof, ensuring optimal medication safety. Our Bubble Packaging System is ideal for long-term patients especially residents whose medications change frequently.

 Example of our packaging!