What Are Compounded Medications? 

When a medication you or your animal needs is not commercially available, we can make it to the specifications you need. This allows us to provide a variety of dosage forms and allergy free medications to our patients. 

Why Do I Need Compounded Medications?

People also use compounded products when:

  • Allergies exist to commercially available ingredients 

  • Specific dosage or dosage form is needed

  • The medication needed is not available on the market at a normal facility 

Are Compounded Medications Safe?

Compounded medications can be safe and effective as long as the facility follows all FDA, USP, and state guidelines. Patients, both human and animal, are protected by the state boards of pharmacy which helps to ensure that compounded medications are only available with a legitimate purpose and according to a prescribers instructions.  At Dalcoma Specialty Pharmacy we follow all guidelines and all staff receive specialized training to provide you with safe and effective compounded products for your entire family.