Geriatric Compounding - Custom Medications For Elderly Seniors

As we get older our prescription needs change. Often, geriatric patients may not be able to swallow medications they once could. Sometimes they need dosage forms that may not be available on the market such as changing from a pill form to a solution. At Dalcoma Specialty Pharmacy, we help customize medications for just this scenario.

In addition, we also provide blister packing of medications to help these individuals ensure they are taking the correct medication at the correct time of day. We offer free medication synchronization. We simply contact your doctors and line up all the medications you are on to fill the same time each month. This helps ensure accuracy, improve safety, and improve compliance. In addition, it reduces the number of times you are visiting the pharmacy to once a month or in some cases even once every 90 days!

Can’t drive? Too far away? Don’t worry! We deliver!